Traffic Management for People Of Wagholi (Seamless Access to Pune Nagar Road)

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Like one of the problems of every developing city in Our Country, We also have a major problem. ( ie. Traffic) & This problem takes a bigger face when a State Highway (Wagholi - Pune Via Pune NAGAR Road) becomes a major route of thousands Of people traveling from their house to their work. 

Societies developed outside the city Pune Or Pune Municipal Corporation face this issue more badly in lack of any representation or responsibility.  We have somehow agreed with the fact "Jo Hai - Woh hai, Let's face it".

I know people reading this much would leave this request and don't even bother to sign it / escalate it. But Trust me when daily we have to pay Surge / Extra Petrol / Extra time to either go at work or return from work - We do feel bad about this traffic. (If you too have felt the same comment below & share in your people)

I am just requesting with the authorities that, we have direct dependencies in Pune - From Earning till spending. We have paid taxes in all means you have demanded us. But why even to reach the hospital or to Cross an Ambulance we need to struggle. Just because the people who are designated to do this are not even bothered about this. 

Are you waiting for the day when your taxpayers start suffering due to this mismanagement?