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Under the guise of accessibility, major changes to the tram terminus on Melville Road are being pushed through by Public Transport Victoria without genuine, fair and adequate community consultation. The proposed changes will actually hinder access for our community and put our local businesses under threat. We deserve a solution which is better for accessibility, better for local business, and better for the community.

This community is concerned about:

  1. More traffic congestion on Melville Road, Bell Street and Surrounding Streets due to reduced lanes, added traffic lights on Melville Road and unsafe U-turn movements;
  2. Reduced car parking particularly in peak times;
  3. Major negative impacts on local business which threatens viability and local jobs
  4. Lack of integration with tram and bus transport modes and wider shopping precinct on Bell Street given stop is moved away from Bell Street making it more difficult for people with mobility constraints to access transport and amenities;
  5. Unsafe pedestrian environment noting commuters need to cross several driveways to access tram;
  6. No attention given to cyclist safety and infrastructure;
  7. Removal of trees and naturestrips;
  8. Loss of heritage significance;
  9. Failure of Public Transport Victoria to engage in community consultation that is genuine, fair and adequate.
  10. Failure of Victorian Government to consider the current and future needs of the community in its planning processes.

The petition requests that the Minister for Public Transport calls an immediate halt to the progression of this project which has not been pursued fairly and is expected to bring major negative impacts to the communityWe are asking for a better solution for accessibility, local business and the community.