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Expand the Animal Welfare Act to Include Over-Breeding as Neglect.

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On the 13th October - our little rescue, Turbo, was born. Unfortunately Turbo was born with a congenital deformity of the front legs. Turbo's is currently 9 months old and has already had 2 surgeries in the hopes we can make walking for him easier and increase his quality of life. Four months after adopting Turbo - we were contacted by a member of the public who had bought a dog from Turbo's breeder. Through further investigation we found out that Turbo's litter was one of three, to the same bitch, in the space of 18 months. Sadly - we found out that a fourth litter has since been born. Turbo's condition is extremely rare with causative factors such as environmental elements including maternal health and disease. Current legislation under the welfare act gives the SPCA absolutely no jurisdiction as over breeding does not fall under the terms 'neglect'. Neglect only covers the welfare of the breeding bitch and as long as the breeding bitch's needs are met for example; adequate shelter, access to food and water etc then her breeding cycle does not come into question.

By expanding the definition of neglect to include over-breeding we are giving agencies the power to get involved and do something. Whether it be as simple as educating a breeder or involves a full scale investigation - nothing can be done unless the legislation deems it. 

Help us have the legislation define neglect to include over-breeding. 

Update 05/02/2018 - Turbo's mother has had her 5th litter. She is 3.5. She has had approximately 22 puppies. 


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