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Safer Women Initiative: The Right to carry capsicum spray!

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Violent crime continues to increase across the country. The stats provide clear evidence that women are more vulnerable & less able to defend themselves. Sexual assault has also skyrocketed inline with other personal violations. These people are our mothers, sisters and daughters.

A well resourced Police force can never protect us from all pending threats. People like Jill Meagher could have been murdered 12 times over before an armed first responder was available.

The likelihood of this non-lethal device saving a life as opposed to it being stolen and used against them is beyond argument. Now is not the time to continue our love affair with the idea of an unarmed populous. At risk individuals should not have to rely on the chivalry of strangers or the response times of law enforcement in this culture of increasing violence.

A concealed defensive piece of equipment offers peace of mind to those who already suffer from anxiety from previous trauma.

Registration should be strict and penalties for misuse high.

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