Cherrybrook's Local Police Station

Cherrybrook's Local Police Station

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The Hon. David Andrew ELLIOTT, BA, MA MP (Minister for Police and Emergency Services) and

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Started by Miranda Smith

It is clear there has been a spike in crimes being committed in Cherrybrook recently. On April 29, a house was invaded on Tallowwood Avenue which resulted in an elderly man being killed. On 6 June, a restaurant in Cherrybrook Village was broken into. Last night, on 30 June, a pharmacy at Appletree Shops was robbed. These are the only crimes that have had media attention.

A reason why more crimes are occurring in this beautiful suburb is because our 'Local' Police Station is in Eastwood, which is apart of Ryde PAC. This 'Local' Police Station is approximately a 16 minute drive away late at night as it is located 10 kilometres away from centre Cherrybrook. It would be longer if there was traffic. 

Despite the fact there is a Police Station in Castle Hill, 5 kilometres away, residents in Cherrybrook would have to wait a minimum of 16 minutes for help. One can only imagine what can happen during this wait time.

Castle Hill Police Station even covers parts of the postcode of 2125, including Pennant Hills. Police from Castle Hill would have to drive through Cherrybrook to attend houses in Pennant Hills, but cannot respond to a call in Cherrybrook.

With these rules and laws in place, more crimes are being committed in our wonderful suburb. This is because criminals are aware that they have a good head start to their get away.

Please join in the fight to have our 'Local' Police Station actually be local.

1,339 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!