Allow Western Australians to continue using radar detectors in their vehicle.

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On Wednesday proposed laws have been introduced to parliments to ban the use of speed camera detectors. 

If this law is passed, drivers will face hefty fines: $3200 for a first offence, $4800 for offences after that. 

We believe that speed camera radars should remain legal as they assist drivers to locate speed cameras and to correct their speed if they need to, without incurring a speeding fine. 

It is in the interest of road safety to allow road users to use speed camera radars, as this tool does not interfere with the speed camera vehicle or devices, it simply alerts a driver of a speed camera ahead. 

We would also like to mention that there are many local businesses in WA that stock these radars. Making these devices illegal would severely impact these small businesses, especially after the financial hardship many small businesses are facing after Coronavirus this could be detrimental to the survival of aforementioned businesses. 

Road safety is the key concern and with the use of this radar, road users are correcting their speed whilst keeping their hard-earned money in their pockets. 

Furthermore, the proposed fines of $3200 for a first offence and $4800 for offences after that, is an astronomical amount when compared to the monetary fines given to motorists for driving under the influence/impaired, distracted driving, etc. These are the real killers on our roads and it simply does not make sense for road users who have a radar installed in their vehicle to be so heavily fined upon. 

We strongly urge you to sign this petition to ensure that road users have the freedom to use radar detectors in their vehicles.