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Can Plastic!

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Please sign this petition so that the NO MORE group can ban all plastic from the whole planet. It is not HUMOR for the Churchlands Students & teachers to not sign this petition. When we use plastic everyday, many marine animals  get affected by this! The reason for this is because the plastic that we use, often gets ended up in the ocean where many marine animals mistake these jellyfish looking like plastic for actual jellyfish. Also, plastic effects the environment as it forms into a big chunk and then starts to rot, which causes bad smells around the environment.

Today: Anna Raju, Isa Limpanyalers is counting on you

Anna Raju, Isa Limpanyalers & Jamie Vung needs your help with “Minister for Plastic: Can Plastic!”. Join Anna Raju, Isa Limpanyalers and 389 supporters today.