Make changes in the indian legal systems for punishment of rape

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All those rape victim will only remain in news and dp for few weeks or months and then we have to wait for another victim to be raped.The criminals will find a way to close that case within one year and no one will ever remember that child but only her family.

Even if the criminals are given punishments they easily come out if it and will not stop doing the same crime again & again

We have to ensure the safety of our mother,daughter. Our pledge tells as that all indians are our brother and sister. So for the safety and proper punishment for the criminals who are endulged in such rape and murder cases the indian law system has to be changed

We have advanced in technological aspect but not our years old legal systems. Its time to modify this Law and Justice for the sake of our citizens

Punishment for rape should be changed to either life sentence or death penalty. If that also not possible the alleged if found guilty has to undergo human castration. Then only one would not indulge in such crimes

If one fears the legal punishments then there will be a major decrease in such events. So that no infants,daughter,wife,mother, grandmother would face those happened to many like asifa; soumya; jisha etc

And those juveniles who indulge as criminals should be considered equally guilty or else they have to recieve their punishments once they become adult!!! So give equal punishment to them once they attain 18 years or give them their worst taste of life so that they won't think of even touching a girl in future

Why are we following this old indian legal system? Our leaders have to learn this from other countries....It's time to rewrite it!!