Juvenile crimes are on the rise and Irish judiciary system has failed. It’s time to act!

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Juvenile crimes are on the rise and Irish judiciary system has failed. It’s time to act!

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Started by Pietro Lutzu

Juvenile crimes are on the rise in Ireland.

A horde of youngsters, mainly teenagers, armed with knives, screwdrivers and hammers are terrorising entire suburbs of Dublin who now live in fears. This is unacceptable!

Parents are clearing failing and abdicating their role of educators and guardians. At the same time the Irish law towards juvenile crimes is way too lenient and certainly not serving the purpose of deterring such criminal and vile acts.

We need a radical reform of the law, judiciary and juvenile rehabilitation system so that any young person committing any serious offence should be held accountable.

Also, we need a much stronger Garda presence in all of the areas that over the last few years have seen a worrying escalation of antisocial behaviour especially committed by youngsters.

It is time to step up. Before it is too late, it is now the time the State show that they exist, they are not afraid to deal with criminal activities committed by young people, they are close to the communities and able to protect them all! 

We desperately need to try to prevent that these youngsters become the next lawless criminal gangs! This is our future society, we need to act before it gets badly compromised!

We need your help, we need to stop the surge of violence and restore the peace and quietness that anybody should be entitled to. 

Please sign up this petition, together we can empower the State and all relevant departments to be able to cope with this surge of violence! 

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This petition had 18,163 supporters

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