Juvenile crimes are on the rise and Irish judiciary system has failed. It’s time to act!

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Amendment advise

Hi there,

Thank you very much for supporting the petition, the number of supporter is growing by the day!

Your contribution is essential, lots of people have joined the cause and far more will do it in the short while!

I have received lots of comments and messages of encouragement, pieces of advise and quite a few of you have expressed some reserves on the guns bit. Obviously, this was only incidental and ancillary to the petition, to the extent that this was deemed to be an extra help given to the Gardai to self protect while dealing with these sort of issues.

Considered the sensitivity of the matter and the potential reluctance of some people to sign off this petition because of this element, I have removed it from the petition. 

What we really want, in the end, is just tackling the juvenile violence issue! It will be up to the experts to come up with the best solution! Our effort will be focused into conveying our uneasiness and discontent towards the way the matter is currently dealt with and into lobbying the relevant parties to act!

Further updates to follow shortly!

Keep in touch and please share the petition!


Pietro Lutzu
1 year ago