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Ignore the Panel Review Recommendation and meet with Cynthia Owen and her Solicitor

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This petition is to ask the Newly appointed Minister for Justice to meet with my solicitor and I, and to ignore the decision of the Panel Review and open an Commission of Investigation, or an Investigative report into my case. 

Despite admitting that there were failures in my case the Panel Review decided NOT to recommend any further action because they had learned from the failures. 

Despite admitting that the Review done by Patrick Gageby SC was outside of their remit of the Panel Review still referred to the Gageby Review and used it to reject my application.

The Gageby Review was carried out as Commissioned by the then Minister for Justice Michael McDowell in 2007 when my daughter Noleen Murphy was identified by a Coroner's Jury of six men and six women as being my daughter, born to me on 4th April, 1973, when I was 11 years old.

Noleen was murdered in front of me, with 5 adults present at the murder scene, my family home in Whites Villas Dalkey, Co Dublin. To protect the identity of her father, which could be one of many, my own father, or two brothers, or a local paedophile ring consisting of three serving police officers, who are still alive and still living in Dalkey collecting police pensions.

One of those police officers was present in my family home the night of the murder, and helped my parents clean up the murder scene. Police records show that this officer Mr M, worked on the murder file, and was the first officer on the scene when my daughter's body was found. 

The Minister for Justice admits that the police failed to preserve the many items found at the murder scene in 1973, and again admits there were failures in the 1995 police investigations but accepts the recommendations not to open an inquiry into this case.

I was not interviewed by Patrick Gageby, or by the Independent Panel Review.

Before Patrick Gageby conducted this review into my case, he had called for a 15 year limit on Sexual Abuse cases, at a Convention for Lawyers. This showed a clear bias by Gageby against abuse victims. And if the limit had of been put in place, cases like Jimmy Savile or Rolf Harris, or any of the Redress Victims would never have had their stories told.

Studies show that abuse victims do not recover memories of abuse until adulthood due to severe trauma, and yet Patrick Gageby wanted to discriminate against abuse victims by putting a deadline on their memories. 

This is the man the Irish Government chose to review my case despite his very public opinions about abuse cases and victims.

Please support Justice for Noleen Murphy born and murdered on 4 April 1973 and for my son John Murphy born and died June 1976 conceived by child rape, and buried in the back garden of my family home. 

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