Enact Workable Hate Crime Laws in Ireland

Enact Workable Hate Crime Laws in Ireland

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Current hate crime laws in Ireland are inadequate. There is a notable rise in racism, homophobia, transphobia and islamaphobia.


In particular the far right are using social media to grow as they target members of the Islamic community, the black community and members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Recently these fringe groups have targeted public representatives with defamatory smear campaigns, dresses up as concern for children. They target individuals with spurious accusations in order to impugn their character, simply because they are non-white, non-national or LGBTQ+.

However, our justice system is hamstrung by inadequate legislation and can do nothing to protect the people they target. In fact, the Gardaí attend these events in a formal capacity to protect these groups and counter protesters from each other, but no protection is afforded to the targets of the abuse.

These are hate crimes, organised and orchestrated by extremists. This must be challenged and their targets must be protected with adequate legislation.