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Unfair treatment of men accused of violence against women.

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eg: Bills and Legislations .A Bill is a proposal for a law or a change to an existing law.  A Bill becomes law (an Act) when agreed to in identical form by both houses of Parliament and assented by the Governor General.

 The Bill needs to change to give men equal rights who find themselves caught up in Family Violence Orders and custody battles. I am by no means supporting those men who do abuse their women and children, but it has come to my attention quite recently that 2 young men were hauled off to the lock-up  because they merely defended themselves against their partners, in both incidents the male weren't allow to speak in his defense, both incidences the females have mental health issues. 

Time and time again where innocent men are arrested, treated like criminals and locked up for days, sometimes weeks merely because their ex has accused them of breaching FVOs, the guy doesn't get a chance to have his say, not even in the courtroom, The woman's word is taken as truth, when quite often the women will entice the Ex's to meet,  (especially on pay day), but soon as the money runs out they call the police on them. I'm not saying all women do this but there are a vast majority who use these laws to their advantage.  Quite often in domestic violence cases it starts with the female actually assaulting the male first and when the male tries to defend himself or retaliates then police are called and quite often they don't even want to hear the males version of events (especially if there are female officers involved). The males are treated like criminals and are often looked upon by the police officers like something they have scraped off their shoes. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

   Scenario 1. night shift worker home in bed since mid afternoon, hears loud banging on the door, Police tells him he is under arrest for driving in ex's street when AVO in place, person had not left home and was hauled off half dressed and locked up for 2 days.        

  Scenario 2. Guy sitting in suburban police station making a report regards an incident earlier in the day where ex who had FVO on him came to his house and assaulted  7 y o  daughter because she refused to get in the car and leave her Dad , announcement came over scanner at Cop shop that the said male in question was supposedly at the ex's address trying to bash the door down , clever guy , two places at once, Police did not even reprimand the female, Do you think this is fair? This women lied and wasted police time but they didn't as much as reprimand the female.   

   Scenario 3. Couple put kids to bed and have a few drinks, female becomes very irate and nasty and starts punching ,clawing and pinching male, not play-fighting, but punching in the face and taking chunks of skin off where pinching etc, Female orders male out, but he refuses to drink and drive and he knows she will have a major hangover in the morning so needs to be there for children, he tries to go to bed, but female calls cops, cops arrest him because he has previous history..... this female has put several AVO's and FVO's on this male in the past decade, mainly because she has a drinking problem and starts assaulting him, is he meant to stand there and take this, just because he is a man and she is a woman?, I think if a woman hits a man she deserves one back.What do you think?  soon as he decides to move on with his life this female insists on giving relationship another go, only for it to happen all over again, the only crime this male has really done is unfortunately he loves this woman.                                              

 Where children are involved quite often these poor little buggers are used as bargaining  tools, the mother tries to stop the father visiting them, only when it is convenient for her. The Jails are full of guys whose  only real crime is they have tried to see their children, or tried to talk to ex's.At the moment all men are" tarred with the one brush". Instead of police instantly treating them like something they have trodden in, they should be treated  with a bit of respect until  they have been proven guilty. I do realise that laws have to be enforced to protect women and children and I am totally supportive of that, but please, get the suicide rate down by giving these men a voice and charge these women who lie and Cajole to get their ex's locked up for their own satisfaction. Being a mother of 3  sons (I do know that my sons are not angels I have witnessed this in my immediate family , but more recently in friends families.There is one young man still locked up who will be missing his child's birthday and first day of school,all thanks to a drug affected partner

Also are you aware that both Tasmanian and Federal Governments have Ministers for Women? What has happened to equality? Where are the Ministers for Men? Maybe someone should do a survey on how many of these men wrongly accused are committing suicide from sheer hopelessness,

  thanks for taking the time to read this petition and please share it to your wall if you agree after you sign the petition.

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