Appeal to IRCC, Give Us Our Study Permits for Quebec-We have waited for More than 1 Year

Appeal to IRCC, Give Us Our Study Permits for Quebec-We have waited for More than 1 Year

8 April 2021
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Minister for Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Prerana Talukdar

The injustice for the students who enrolled in the 10 suspended colleges of Quebec, seems to continue.

International students from India who intended to make Quebec, Canada their choice for their higher education have been subjected to grave injustice by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC). 

Students have spent months and more than a year now to prepare for all the requirements that have been imposed by IRCC for procuring study permits after multiple deferrals of their intake receiving no decisions on their study permit applications.

They have deposited fees in thousands of dollars in addition to the Guaranteed Investment Certificate(GIC) of $10,000. Furthermore, they have spent valuable time and effort by taking the English language proficiency tests and medical tests and every other condition that has been put up by Canadian Authorities.

When approached to IRCC via emails they say "We are processing the study permit applications but the delay is mostly due to the less number of staff members in the immigration office". Ironically, the students from all other colleges and provinces and those who have submitted their study permit applications recently or in the last two months are getting their results in 20 days or even less. Then why such inequality with the Quebec students of the enlisted 10 suspended colleges? What was their fault?

Even the college authorities, as a result of whom the students had to suffer, appeared to be untrustworthy and irresponsible to take any sincere efforts in the interest of their students to assist them with getting their study permit grants - which has left the students in complete uncertainty about their future. 

Students who have applied between March, 2020 -  December, 2020 are yet to receive their visa decisions. This kind of delay leads to several other problems that are not being considered by IRCC.

Our applications are 100% complete. We have already

1) Paid our Tuition Fees

2) Deposited GIC

3) Completed Medicals

4) Submitted Biometrics

5) Submitted the file to IRCC

Students who are waiting for a visa need certainty about their future. If the visa is refused after months and a year now, of waiting, they will lose an entire academic year worth of precious time which can never be recovered. If they are given a visa decision either positive or negative in a timely fashion, they can plan their future and make alternative arrangements for their higher education.

We, the international students who intend to come to Quebec, Canada sincerely request IRCC to immediately process the visas of students which are on hold for no specific reason and give them a decision positively before the end of April, 2021. 

Please sign this petition and also comment below. Furthermore, kindly share this petition with your friends, parents and family as each sign counts.

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Signatures: 1,789Next Goal: 2,500
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