Minister for Immigration please give traumatised South African family a Lifeline

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“Hunted like wild animals”

Dear Mr Coleman

Nicky and her family desperately want to live in Australia and their application for asylum has been denied.  Please reconsider the decision that was made by the Department of Home Affairs.

Nicky was shot and raped twice by a violent thug at gunpoint, all while her children were forced to watch. Her attacker threatened to “shoot” off her 15-year-old son’s feet unless he raped his own mother.  Instead, the attacker ended up raping Nicky himself. He sexually molested Nicky’s 13-year-old daughter. The attacker held the gun to her youngest son’s head and threatened to shoot him unless she (Nicky) complied. They were all tied up with fencing wire so tight that their hands lost their circulation and turned grey. The family endured 4 hours of torture and depravity . It was “pure hell” Nicky said.

Nicky and her husband Heine have been forced out of their own farm house.  Their three children aged 10, 14 and 16 are too terrified to return. 

In July last year Mr Peter Dutton stated that South African farmers needed special attention and asked the Department of Home Affairs to accept and consider applications from South Africans.

Nicky said her family began dreaming of a new life because Peter Dutton said he was considering a special refugee intake for South Africans who had been persecuted.  Those dreams have now been destroyed after the family were denied asylum in Australia.  “It was a glimmer of hope, but it’s concerning that nothing has ever come of it,” she told The Australian.  “I speak for thousands of South African farmers:  we need a lifeline.  The violence here is escalating.”

22 farmers have been murdered in South Africa in 2019 and 195 farms have been attacked.  In recent years between 55 and 75 farmers are brutally killed annually.  We cannot sit back and do nothing. 

There is a huge South African expat community within Australia who work hard and integrate well into the Australian society.  Nicky and her family will contribute and make Australia a better country.

Mr Coleman please help Nicky and her family realise their dream of setting up a farm and starting a new life in Australia, where they will feel safe and be happy - and where they will sow back into the community.