Give Cian a definite date for hip replacement surgery.

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Cian O Neill is a young man (20) from Bray, Co Wicklow, who is wheelchair dependent and who lives with Cerebral Palsy.

He is in URGENT need of hip replacement surgery and has been waiting for this surgery for three years. 

Cian is a Wicklow Garda Youth Award winner, a sports ambassador for his local GAA club and a volunteer for his local youth project. 

But Cian lives in constant and considerable pain and discomfort due to his hip constantly dislocating, inhibiting his quality of life and often causing him to fall from his chair or not be able to get out of bed in the morning.

Enough! We have had too many false promises of help and Cian needs a solid date for surgery and a commitment to resolve this horrible situation he has had to endure. 

Cian was the overall winner for Wicklow in the Garda Youth Awards and both of our most recent Ministers for Health come from the very same county. 

Either our current Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly or indeed Simon Harris need to advocate for this young man and do everything in their power to progress his case so as to remove him from the constant pain and suffering that he endures. 

In the case that neither of these show a commitment to this young man who is both an advocate and activist to those living with disabilities, then we call on the opposition bench of Sinn Fein and shadow Minister of Health to take on this case until it is resolved. 

Cian deserves better. Please lend your support to this cause.