MRI Waiting lists for children in Ireland are dangerously Long URGENT HELP NEEDED

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What is one of the biggest problems in our healthcare system?
Diagnostics services for children.

At present your only option for an MRI for a child is through a broken public system - you cannot get it done privately. The public system lacks the equipment and the staff to run it. For a child to have an MRI they need a paediatric anaesthesiologist, either for a GA or to give contrast dye.

We need the HSE / Government / Minister for Health to come up with a long-term plan, and an immediate short-term solution for hospitals throughout Ireland. Children can wait no longer.

How can you leave a child months or years waiting for an MRI? According to the Irish Times, there are children waiting 4-6 YEARS, yes you read that correctly, YEARS.
In University College Hospital Galway, the waiting list for an emergency is 4 months just for an out-patient referral.
A lot of surgeries & treatments cannot take place without an MRI.

How many children’s conditions have deteriorated due to lack of imagery for diagnostics, how many parents were told, ‘I’m sorry your child’s condition is not treatable?’ Those parents will never know, had their child been given an MRI in a reasonable time frame, would the news be different? The poor doctors & consultants are so frustrated because they cannot treat their patients & are wasting valuable time trying to push for these services for their patients.


To the leaders of our state: it is an absolute outrage that children can be left like this. It is actually frightening. We are calling on the HSE/ Government/ Ministers to make immediate changes. Fill the posts that need filling now, buy the equipment, save our children’s lives.
If the recent months of pandemic have taught us anything, it is that money and resources can be found if the situation is deemed serious or threatening enough. We would suggest that this is very much a matter of pressing and urgent importance, and as such resources and funding MUST be found and allocated now as a matter of urgency to avoid future serious problems down the line.]

I have already taken the necessary steps to contact TDs, they are well aware of how bad the situation is.
I have contacted the Minister for Health, with no success.

By signing this you are giving a voice to every child throughout Ireland.

Who should sign this petition ?

Every parent in this country,
Every grandparent in this country
Every great-grandparent in this country
Every aunt & uncle in this country
Every teacher in this country
Every hospital worker in this country

Anyone with a heart

Fight for your neighbours’ children, friends’ children, work colleagues’ children.

Fight for the children you give up your time to coach in football, hurling, soccer, swimming, boxing etc.

Every pharmacist and Doctor, do it for your little patients.

Fight for the children you hope to have one day.

Fight for the children that have no-one fighting for them.

Whether or not a child is sick or healthy, fight for them.  My child was perfect going to school one Friday in September, and it was a different story when I collected him. Our children’s health can change in the blink of an eye, so fight for a service that you hope you, your family & friends will never need.

Now, as you read this, imagine you’re the one writing this petition, and it is your child waiting for an MRI. How would you feel?


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