Change Irish Medical Council system of complaints against Doctors

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Currently Irish Medical Council have no system in place to deal specifically with vexatious or spurious complaints against Doctors. So if such a complaint is made a Doctor is required to defend themselves against it and must then wait under great personal stress until the next meeting of the council which decides if a complaint has validity and should be pursued. There is no reason why some complaints could not be summarily dismissed OR indeed why a Doctor should even be informed that a spurious or obviously vexatious complaint has been made  - until after its merit has been decided by the council. We know complaints against Doctors are a huge source of personal stress to the Doctor and also a strain on their mental health. There is a known spike in suicides among Doctors going through this process. And It is clear a better system could be put in place that is supportive of patients with genuine complaints whilst being fairer to Doctors who have to deal with complaints that have no merit. There are systems in place in other jurisdictions that are fair to patients whilst also being fair to Doctors and we call on the Irish Minister for Health & The Irish Medical Council to reform the system to protect the health and well being of Doctors practicing here.