Have IBD identified as a long term illness

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IBD affects up to 40,000 people in Ireland with numbers rising,it is a life long condition with no cure.

We feel that IBD should be recognoised on the list of the long term illness scheme,a list which has not been updated since the 1970's. Should IBD be recognised it  would mean that those living with IBD could avail of drugs,medicines and surgery without having to worry about any kind of charge.

The scheme is for those suffering (yes suffering) with a prescribed disease or disability of a permanent or long term nature ie IBD,studies show there has been a notable rate of increases in the past number of decades.

IBD is a life long,lonely and expensive disease that forces many to have little to no quality of life. Medicines and biologics may help but they will always have flares and other complications relating to IBD.

Put IBD on the long term illness list.