Create sustainable and safe Maternity services within the Coromandel Peninsula

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There will be a real safety risk to Women and Babies within the Coromandel Peninsula if the government does not act soon. The maternity services in the Coromandel region are not sustainable with the current model of funding. 

We currently have two LMC’s who work extremely hard covering a large isolated geographical area from the remote northern tip of the Coromandel to Whangamata, a rugged peninsula within New Zealand that often has road closures due to flooding, slips and road accidents. 

At the end of the year the region will be down to one practicing LMC to care for a prediction of approximately 100 Women and Babies per annum, with an ever increasing population. This care includes all aspects of Midwifery; from initial pregnancy tests to homevisits 6 weeks postnatally. 

Our closest Primary Birthing Unit is Thames, 1hr 20min from Whitianga (also has staffing issues) and our nearest Tertiary Unit is Waikato 2.5hrs from Whitianga. 

We URGENTLY need the funding model for our rural Lead Maternity Carers (our Midwives) to be updated, so the Maternity services in our region can be sustainable. This is absolutely paramount so all Women and Babies within the Coromandel Peninsula can continue to have access to high quality, safe and consistent Midwifery care.