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Reinstate amino-acid based formula prescriptions for children

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The prevalence of cows milk protein intolerance (2% of the infant population under 1 yr) and soy intolerance (approx 1%) is significant in the Australian paediatric population. The numbers above equates to about 6,000 babies each year in Australia. Admittedly all of these are not severe enough to require the prescription of amino-acid based forumulas;

Paediatricians and GPs are perfectly capable of diagnosing and managing milk protein intolerance in babies. It is a simple series of questions. And they have done so perfectly well up until now.

There are simply not enough specialists to see or "consult" with the number of families requiring the forumla. For instance, there are approximately 35 paediatric gastroenterologists in the country, most of whom have lengthy waiting lists (through both the public and private systems), or closed books. In WA the waiting list to see a paed gastro is approx 2 years. Most children have grown out of the condition that sees them require these formulas by 12 mths old.

As the prevalence of allergy grows in the community and the awareness of gastro-intestinal issues in the paediatric population grows among GPs and paeds, its hard not to see this as a cost saving measure.

Please require the PBAC to review their decision in consultation with the RACGP - ask paediatricans and GPs what they think about it. They're not happy.

Please also ask the specialists that you are now requiring to review all these children whether they think this decision is a good one. I think you'll find they're far from impressed.

Quite aside from the thousands of mothers across the country left to deal with screaming babies now in constant pain because they can't access the appropriate FOOD FOR THEIR BABIES!!!

Its time to stand up for our babies.

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