Transition out of logging South West native forests!

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Help us protect local jobs, businesses and our native forests in the South West by urging the state government to transition to a plantation based timber industry. In its current format, the WA logging industry runs at the expense of local tourism and accommodation providers by destroying the very resource that draws people to our regions. The long term impacts to industries like beekeeping are also hugely devastating, wiping out honey production for decades after logging.

Case in point is the proposed logging of the Treen Brook state forest just outside of Pemberton. Whispering Woods is a wedding venue, BnB and home to the Pemberton Honey Company. The FPC plan to clear fell a huge section around Whispering Woods which will have detrimental long term impacts on all three of our businesses, which in turn employ local people and bring opportunity for other businesses in the region.

The Forests For Life proposal put forward by the WA Forest Alliance is an independently audited solution that allows the timber industry significant growth in jobs AND allows native forest to remain standing. In this model there is no us or them mentality, allowing local businesses in tourism, accommodation and beekeeping to thrive as well as providing growth in the timber industry. Further more it benefits all people within our state, opening opportunity for the sale of carbon credits, has massive environmental benefits and removes millions of dollars in subsidies currently paid to the FPC by the WA government.

Want to find out more? Watch the recent interview Mikey did with WA Forest Alliance