Save Travel Agency From Airlines Industry

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We are the travel agents on behalf of the air carriers to sell airlines tickets to consumers like you.  A  travel consultant earn commissions per air ticket sold from the carriers.  One booking can be simple and easy, but most of the bookings can be taken up certain times or more than a day service. Airlines give the travel agent's commissions, and it may be paid at a low commission plan under a minimum pay rate as a cheap labor. Some are noncommissioned tickets it depends how airlines like to pay us.  We are facing a big competition from online website including the airlines own websites or the 3rd party booking websites.  We loose a huge business under those website systems over 10  years or more.

The sold air tickets we earn less and less due to airline cutting our commissions from a lower fare market which we don't hold a choice.   A lower fare ticket with more restrictive fare rules can take up extra times to search and book during the the travel season. They are subject to a more  restrictive cancellation rule that the airline heavy penalty or rebooking fee is endorsed.  A client requires to pay for a cancellation or rebooking fee when a date change or a refund application made after ticket sold.  More lowest fare ticket sold is non refundable when a very small commission we are paid.

A big travel concern raised to me is seeking for your petition support because airlines set up a unfair rule that the earned commissions is recalled and taken back by airlines when a refund ticket is applied. No commission of the chargeable penalty is earned, but we spend extra effort to cancel the booked flights and apply a refund ticket.

Our travel business is under cutting out by Airlines website booking tool more than 50% business volume from the past 10 years or more. The future of travel agency is going downhill and becoming a smaller business partner with Airlines for your travel and  tourism industry. 

I feel very bad and frustrated by this travel concern after 40 years of my travel business in Vancouver Canada.  It really drives our travel agency industry across the Canada in a deep red and worst situation for a travel service industry to make no more room to survive.

How can we ignore the important role from us as one of the major industries to drive in business globally? No one can serve you better than our traditional travel agents with the required and quality services. The airlines website is to serve as a booking tool with no professional and effecency service as us. The poor service nor no service you can ask from airlines or online website agents when you are struck with the problem by CO-VID19 pandemic with flight suspension, schedule change and refund air ticket. Only we as the travel agent at the front line can serve by our valuable experiences, can help your booking in a good shape and less stress.

My total disagreement of the business unfair treatment by airlines not paying a career respect to our travel agency acting a bridge between airlines and clients to book the trips.  We continue to help and solve the travel problem before departure and before returning flight.

#Why airlines have the right of taking back our earned commissions at time of a refund ticket by any reason. 

#Why airlines charges client a refund penalty with no commission to travel agency of the sold ticket in a one-way or roundtrip trip. No flight service is provided as no cost when we help to proceed the refund ticket application from the booking system.

#Why we are not protected after spending our time and labor cost to search and book a ticket , and do the most of works for a booking and refund ticket.

#Why our earned commissions of the previous bookings are not secured to cover our operation costs from airline booking system, goverment license permits, consumer insurance protection plan and employee wages when a refund ticket is applied. We are the victim.

#Why we cannot charge airline a helping or handing fee on a refund ticket?

We have suffered for too long in this industry. I stand up and share with you in seeking for a petition motion to our Canadian government and airlines.  We always look after the booking problem when a flight schedule change and a cancelled flight. It is truly unfair that we are making small money as a commissionable business segment when airlines always make a big money and huge revenues generated from date changing fees,  the advance seating fees, non-refundable ticket sales and no free baggage allowance etc. All are under non-commissionable service segments but we have the general courtesy to help clients for applicable problems. We learn the bad experiences from the CO-VID19 pandemic.

Let us move forward for the unfair treatment to travel agents by Airlines that we have been silent and suffering for too long.  We are to have nowhere to fight and bargain as a grand father rule under airlines direction. SOS we need you to sign up in supporting this petition motion I can seek for a fairness from airlines with the fluence by our Federal government. It is not just for my agency, not just for Canadian, it may happen to impact the global airlines in benefit of the whole air travel industry to survive.

Kindly join me to sign up my petition of saving our Travel Agency across Canada.  We are to provide a quality consulting service,  not the online booking tool . We help you to book a good trip with no worry to travel. We standby to help you when you are away too. We are the travel doctor to solve your travel problem.