Stop separating parents, stop absorbed persons deportation

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Blayde is only 5 years old.  He has been in state care since age 2 months old. He is just one example of a vulnerable child stuck in the system, separated from parents due to incarceration of a parent. This young child was never given a chance nor any attempts from the state to connect him to his father who is now in detention centre. Australia is ripping this child his right to living a normal life with his father and family. 

Blaydes dad , Gilles palas, a reformed convict never got the chance to reunite with his son after being cleared on parole.  He was taken straight into detention centre on his release. Instead of going home to take care of his son than 3 years old as he so planned and wished.  His permanent resident of over 50 years was revoked. He has been fighting to stay in Australia for 2 years so he can live a quiet life taking responsibility of his son. Worse fact scenario is that; upon being deported, Australia will push his dad to a live a life of uncertainty and risk of homelessness and unemployment. His father was only 10 years old when he migrated with his family in 1973. He doesn't speak a word of his country of origin. He studied and worked here in Australia like a full absorbed citizen would. He married and had 6 children and now has 8 grandchildren.   The toll of family separation has overwhelmed Gilles that he has suffered stroke and is unwell unquestionably due to detainment. 

Please sign this petition to release blaydes father so that this family can reunite and resume a normal family life. Let's give blayde the life he deserves with a father who has raised 6 law abiding children with blayde being the youngest and most vulnerable. 

 Being so young, this young boy has no voice nor opinion in the system. Let's be his voice and reunite blayde with his father. Let's stop the deportation, and save not one but two life's. 

We can give this young boy a fair life even if the system refuses to. Let's do what's right. Let's reunite blayde with his father. 

Everyone deserves a second chance.  It is in the best interest of children to be in the care of their parent/s, to have a continuous meaningful relationship with they parent/s. 

Let's start with one child at a time. Please stop children being exposed to the hurt, shame and guilt incarceration causes when a parent is sent to a detainment center. Let's the best interest of children always be paramount in decision making processes. 

Let's stop family deportation and child seperation. 

Like blayde there are 45000 children who have parent/s in detainment facilities.  Detainment facilities do not fix recividism, infact it is the top main contributors of intergenerational traumatic causal factors. By taking a loved one away has the same feeling when we loose a loved one forever. Except that incarceration causes shame and guilt and anger in a child. Who grows up hating the system and finally finding themselves in trouble with the system. 

My aim is to stop family incarceration and deportation.  Helping one child at a time.  I have assessed Blaydes father to be of no risk to the Australian community. Infact he is much needed here to raise his son and is fit to do so. Infact raising his son to be a proper man is his aim and focus. He simply wants  to live a healthy and happy life, and be a proper law abiding person in Australia.

  It is a proven fact that those released from detention facilities have not reoffended as compared to those who never been detained. Detention takes not only your liberty but strips you off your identity. Which is primate to being human. This sudden loss of identity craves to reconnect  you back to the most important things in life. That is peace and love.  In this elderly age. That is all Gilles want to do. Live in peace among his loved ones. Take care of his young son and his elderly mother. Who sorely misses her son. She is afraid she would not be able to travel to her birth place due to age and illness. Infact she has lost all touch and base with her country of origin as she raised her family in Australia as Australians. 

Gilles has done his time as required by law,  just as would a born citizen of the same sentencing and crime. Difference is for Gilles is that he is still paying for his crime behind detention centre walls and with him suffers his family , especially his innocent son.  

This is just so not fair. 

 Please help us help many families like blaydes and his dad.  To continue to assess and support them post and pre detention. 

Please sign this petition to reunite father and son. We will keep you all posted via YouTube to capture their reunion and as  they progress.  

Let's stop family incarceration and deportation. Let's stop the damage this does to the future of our children as we work together finding better alternatives and solutions.