Accessible baby-changing facilities for ALL!

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Jamie Hallows
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Donte Palmer and John Legend have led the way in the USA to make a change and are trying to solve the problem we have on both sides of the pond, so i call upon ministers in the UK and businesses all around the country to follow in the footsteps of the USA and make a change and eradicate the sexist stereotypes that still exist in this country by making baby changing facilities accessible to fathers as well as mothers .In the UK, there are recommended standards but no legal requirement for businesses to provide baby-changing facilities.

Im sure many fathers can relate to this situation... Many a time have i been in a public place and in need of somewhere to change daughters nappy but struggling for somewhere to go. Most baby changing facilities are loacted within the female toilets, or in the disabled toilets.
I see 2 main problems with this:
1. These disabled toilets arnt as accessible as you may be led to believe, due to location within the building and the lack of them.
2. Due to the lack of them, using this facility for baby changing will block this facility up and therefore not allow disabled people to use the facility which was intended for them as. They need it more.

I believe that although this problem can be easily solved, companies in the UK still expect women (mothers) to be the ones who look after the baby and change the nappy, leaving hand-ons fathers to struggle. Most parents have an equal split in parental responsibility now so its an unfair and sexist presumption to place baby changing facilities in female toilets and not the male toilets.

An example is VUE cinema in Manchester Printworks... they have 5 floors of public space with one disbled toilet with baby changing located on the 1st floor... is this accessible baby changing for fathers? Other baby changing facilities are located within the female toilets on the other floors.

Companies should be forced to install baby changing facilities in male and female toilets to make them more accessible for ALL!
Or they should install a multi gender room specifically for baby changing which is as accessible to the public as toilets are.

Fathers want to be as involved in our babies lives as mothers are. I urge the UK government ministers and large companies to lead the way in allowing us to have that opportunity.