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Stop the mass Cull of Cats in Australia.!!

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To: Minister for Environment -


To: Minister for Environment -

The citizens of Australia (and beyond) would like to know how the government can justify the culling of 2,000 000? Cats and on the grounds of “reducing feral cat populations' + "to protect native species” considering, cats were introduced into Australia and over 200 years ago and yet the federal, state and territory governments in this time, so far neglecting to implement sound, along with nationally consistent management plans for the keeping of 'domesticated' cats = eg. "responsible’ ownership" = breeder registration, desexing + accessible vetting/desexing services-(payment options), identification and ongoing Education etc. - Until such a time -' feral' cat populations will only continue to grow..

The citizens of Australia would like to know why the federal government has instead injected $6.6. 000 000 funding into simply culling cats and would also like to know how the government can justify the culling of cats and on the grounds –“cats need to be culled to protect native species”? - considering culling (eg. poisoning) does not necessarily discriminate and may also impact native species.- Here is the link to the Department of environment and some of the departments plans for culling cats.- C:\Users\user\Desktop\CULL cats - Department of the Environment.html - Look at the plan for eg. for the culling cats, on kangaroo Island (+ other locations in Australia ) - whereby an automated field device referred to as the 'Grooming' trap will spray poison onto the fur of animals.. a device they claim " that can distinguish between 'feral' and 'native' animals... by their grooming habits"- ? and a device they claim that can detect - registered' cats?.. How therefore can the government ensure that 'native' along with 'domesticated' animals will not also be impacted by these methods of 'Poisoning' - Poison spray trial to target KI’s feral cats. -

The people of Australia are concerned about the impacts 'poisoning' will have on Australia's overall ecosystems now ..and into the future ..The people of Australia are also calling for the implementation of sound along with nationally consistent cat management plans for the keeping of domesticated cats = "responsible ownership" - because and until such a time feral cat populations will only continue to grow.. and this clearly ‘counterproductive’ - "in reducing feral cat populations"... and a waste of tax payers funds..

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