Cancellation/Postponement of the Leaving Cert 2021/ optional predicted grades for students

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Leaving Cert 2021 students have been greatly effected by the Covid19 Pandemic.We need clarity on our exams if to go ahead.Ideally postpone them or implement predicted grades.Students are suffering physically and mentally as a result and this cannot continue.

We deserve to know where we stand and we deserve to know now.This uncertainty is unfair and unjust to the students.

By creating this petition we aim to get the attention of Minister for Education Norma Foley, and  voice our concerns to her.Our voices deserve to be heard.Our lives are being impacted by this.It effects us as students&staff.We deserve a right to speak on this.

Students have been kept in the dark for too long now and asking for clarity is not too much to ask.

Postpone the leaving cert,or implement predicted grades now.Not months down the line,now.We cannot sit a full leaving cert as normal due to the time we have missed.Courses are not complete and will not be completed in this short amount of time.

Action must be taken and it must be taken now.Students mental and physical  health needs to be put before the exams.

Thank you for reading.