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Education,Law & health care.Citizens are exploited most in these. price regulation is must

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There is a very old saying:-

The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of the good people. 


So, i want to start this campaign.

The topmost tragedy & reality of life is met when a man encounters ,judiciary system ,got into bad health, & a man is formed by his/her education .

1). judiciary system of india:- today it is losing faith within its very own constituent- the common citizen of india.

From lawyers to various departments of government all are exploiting the citizens when they are in the utmost need of justice. 


justice delayed is justice denied.

this injustice creates a disrespect for the system in the psyche of victim & he/she again comes back as an accused . so the ratio becomes exponential .

we have more than 3.22 cr of pending cases in our courts. 

 u can see the percentage wise break up of all types of cases in all indian courts      

the major reason of this delay is not the lack of manpower ... but a man's will to work it all .

I recommend that each court  should have a department of data analytics. which can give judges/courtroom  a complete , nature wise break up of types of pending  cases i.e..criminal or civil .

& that data is fed on a screen inside the court . so that it would be a reminder for acting judge & the lawyers coming to that court. 

a reminder is a useful tool if used efficiently it can wake up the soul .

Second in line, we have a lot of outdated laws & useless ones too..which increases the complexity of a simple case.


like in civil cases ..a victim has to prove that he/she may be victimized how,why & when .....even when accused is claiming that there is a breach of agreement or bond. there are lots of cases against various builders & fmcg companies in india in both B2B & B2c segment of transactions .

this law legal system inherited from the colonial era and various legislations first introduced by the British are still in effect in modified forms today.

these laws act as a form of weapon in hands of mighty & rich to exploit the common populace & i think this is the reason that these laws are still in continuation either in there true form or modified versions.

Invaders laws are what we r still using . the law used to exploit us thrusted upon us so called free india. 

Any or all political parties uses government machinery for developing intelligence on electorate . and they do it quite efficiently & securely.

So, why they when come to ruling create a mechanism or a feedback mechanism . so that these exploiting  laws can be abolished .  

See yourself


2). Education system :- 

Again like judicial system our education system is inherited from colonial era. 

where the motive of education is to provide better ,  basic literate & with no linguistic problems, kind of slaves to invaders. 

Again this kind of system is thrusted upon the general populace .

we have no government sponsored or administered good primary & middle school network. 

most of parents in india toils hard in there life ..just to provide the good private school education to there childrens.

most of parents have no hope on government schools.

Even private education is a mirage in india. most of these private institutes ,educational societies is being governed by CBSE .



Moreover with the advent & progress in field of Artificial Intelligence ,machine learning..blockchain tech, smart contracts... can our education system is capable of feeding these in the present form.

according to one estimate in USA (a highly developed education system)- what pupil study today becomes outdated in coming 15 years.

where we stand today.. i/we ask the system admins ..aka..government today .

see yourself my fellow citizens:

we would be the most young & vast population by 2029. our average age would be 29 .

now can you imagine at that time we r the most populous country of world with biggest youth contribution.

it's just 12 year in future . so the kids today studying in primary & secondary today would be youth at 2029.

so, can u imagine that today's education system make them equipped with the tech of 2029. 

in next 10 years everything we use & how we use would be changed.

we r studying internal combustion system ,while tesla is mass producing electric cars.

we r studying basic computing system..while D-wave is developing quantum computers .

Our people doesn't know about even bonds & debentures...while world is moving to cryptocurrencies .(japan legalizing bitcoins).

Now imagine ...what kind of environment would be there when we r facing a flood of so much unskilled or outdated youth.

a.i & machine learning is already taking out jobs in lacs.

It reveals that 78% of brands expect to provide customer experiences through virtual reality in the next four years, while 80% of brands will be using chatbots for customer interactions by 2020. It also finds that 48% of brands have implemented automation technologies in sales, marketing and customer service, with another 40% planning to do so by 2020.

most back office work processing & customer care would be taken over by A.I OR BOTS . 




MY ADVICE IS TO PROVIDE A GOOD GOVERNMENT SPONSORED SCHOOL NETWORK WITH UP TO DATE CURRICULA . Most people left schooling entirely because they can't afford private school & government schools of no use either. 

(% of pupils leaving government schools is increasing while % of pupils joining private school increasing exponentially . it's not good as still 55% of our population is below mediocre income bracket)

this thing has to go.. as a old saying:- a chain is as weak as the weakest link in it. 

make your deprived the strong & we will get india as an all round superpower in near future ...or else just keep illuding our ..innocent & less knowledgeable populace ..with india becoming super power dream.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.


Just like judiciary industry is ...a opportune industry for capitalist to exploit the victim more .


a lot of unwanted tests & surgeries not only depriving citizens of good health & wealth , but introducing patient -doctor conflict. u can see the incidents in national dailies everyday . 

there must be a price regulation ..based on chemical /compound used . as generic drugs are lot more cheaper compared to there brand name counter part .

brand must not be allowed to earn exponentially on the same compound/dosage . it's exploitation . 

why we r allowing this is still an enigma. 

government should open online generic drug stores ..advertise it heavily in villages & towns. 

same is with tests...there is a very famous incidence in DELHI/NCR in last year when chikungunya outbreak happened ..hospitals like fortis memorial hospital in gurgaon start charging Rs.1600 for a test which cost not more than Rs.300 .


than there comes the issue of c-section surgeries on pregnant some places averages goes upto 65% C-section surgeries .

i recommend government should tagg the doctor & patient UID aka adhaar card in every surgery & a grid should be formed by health ministry where this data should be fed mandatorily. this data grid can be easily formed on latest blockchain technology, making it more efficient. 

& please put up an algorithm on this grid with certain rules like ..segregation of doctors or institution which perform N number of surgeries in N number of days. 

Introduce flagging system yellow , red & black flag for doctors & institution ...using more & more surgeries in lesser days . On yellow flag put them on show cause notice ..on red flag suspend there license  for a limited period & for black flag ..blacklist them .


with this long story . i expect people will share my vision & sign this petition & even forward it to your friends & relatives in excess . 

lets make it a revolution.


i m just like you ...just given a lot of thought on prevailing system & spared a lot of time from my ever engulfing work & never relenting life .

We r the majority in world this country ...while we r treated as minority by capitalist & government in its most common processes .


i believe in  you & your capabilities...because i believe - future is made by us today & not destined .

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