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Fund the rebuild of Yarram Primary School in the May state budget

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Yarram Primary School is falling apart at the seams, with:

  • classrooms so crowded they spill out into the corridor
  • sagging structural beams
  • leaking roofs
  • leaking toilets
  • a distant portable for the preps that has holes in the walls
  • rotted shut windows
  • asbestos eaves
  • unreliable internet
  • wiring so inadequate, teachers must turn off appliances to turn others on.

Our ingenious teachers, school council and parents are doing a fabulous job of making up for the building’s problems. Even so, it’s a lot harder, and getting harder all the time, to juggle limited resources – from the innovative programs to the basic necessities.

For example, Yarram Primary has a very innovative program connecting the children with students around the globe. To allow the children online though, teachers have to turn off computers and other electrical appliances because the cabling is so undersized.

At the much more basic level, we’re also beginning to put toilets out of service because they are leaking and cannot be repaired without major works. Plumbers tell us that many more will soon fail. The main building's roof, toilets,  wiring, cabling, rotted shut windows and even some structural beams need to be replaced.

The Education Department's own guidelines say our classrooms should be 50% bigger and there's so little space, the older children are being forced to use the corridor as extra classroom space.

The bottom line: we’re insulating the kids from most of the problems with clever patch jobs but it can’t go on much longer.

Why it needs to be funded in the May budget, not later

Built in the 1950s, the school is literally coming apart at the seams right now. We can’t wait any longer without spending a fortune on repairs.

Our next chance will be another year away. The year after that is election year and funding is more likely to flow to marginal seats.

Anyway, it’s simply not fair to keep our kids using corridors as classrooms.

Minister Merlino, we are grateful for the funding we received in 2015 to finalise the plans for the new Yarram Primary School. Now we need it built.


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