Coronavirus - students returning from China to stay home for 2 weeks

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There are 4 coronavirus confirmed cases in Australia to date. The coronavirus is widespread in China with rising death tolls not only in China, but around the world. Wuhan is locked down and China has moved to restrict travel around the country.

School is starting on Thursday 30 January, we need to act fast to protect our school kids from the deadly virus!!

Many students are spending Chinese New Year in China with their families and will be returning to Australia over the next few days to start school on 30 January.

The potential implication is that most children who have been in China may not be able to quarantine and observe themselves for the 14 days incubation period if they are to return to school on 30 January.

School children are vulnerable as they tend to be less conscious when it comes to personal hygiene and they stay close with each other in the classroom most of the school days.

In particular I am raising awareness for the Abbotsleigh School, which has many students with Chinese ethnic background. 

To manage the risk of outbreak, I am urging the NSW Department of Education, Kuringai Council and the Abbotsleigh School to implement measures to control spreading of the virus in our community. Some suggestions include:

- require students to stay home for 14 days after returning from China

- provide medical certification from GP before returning to school

- consider delaying starting the new school year

- provide masks, hand sanitizers and soaps to teachers and students

- increase hygiene awareness within school 

- actively communicate with parents to notify school if students or family members of students have caught the virus 

Thank you for helping to protect our children together as a community!!