a investigation into the Department of human service's

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To: The Hon Michael Keenan MP
Minister of Human Services

Dear Mr Keenan
We, the residents of Australia, hereby urge you to launch an urgent investigation into a security breach involving the Department of Human Service’s Centrelink Express Plus ap which occurred on 3/8/18 and is currently continuing.
The following statement, as posted anonymously by a Centrelink customer on an internet forum is an example of exactly what we are talking about:
“Attention Everyone! This is NOT a drill. Posting this anonymously on behalf of someone else: The Centrelink app update (MYGOV) that came through has a fault in it. The inbox function has had numerous reports of other people’s letters appearing in it. Both relatives and strangers. If you have the app please check it. Many ladies have reported that their violent ex’s now have their details and the children’s school details.
After being warned myself, I checked, and my ex-husbands letters were there. It had all his details. Our accounts had been relinked as I used to be his Carer.
All of my private letters have been made available to him. He knows all my details, phone number and most concerning my current address.
I was on hold for hours only to be told there was nothing they could do. I have been referred to another department who are supposed to call back.
This is the second time the Government have screwed up and released private details to others. Both my ex’s now have my current details. One via my ato myGov account and the other via Centrelink myGov. This is a serious breach of security and puts myself and other survivors of domestic violence in great danger.
I very nearly didn’t survive. I am livid that it can happen again. We may have to up and go again and I am sick of it. Sick of the government being morons and sick of this system for not being able to protect us in the first place!!! � � �
If you have to app please check it. It could mean life or death!”
A response from Centrelink to radio Station 6PR Perth stated that it “was not a Security breach”. However, the Australian public feels it is a breach of privacy and Safety. We plead with you and your office to get this investigated immediately.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!