Rachel Sanderson reinstate financial support for Long Term Guardianship

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We petition Rachel Sanderson Minister for Child Protection & Stephen Wade Minister for Health & Well-being and request they reinstate financial support for OPG/LTG to assist guardians with the high cost associated with raising children previously under the guardianship of the minister/CEO. 

It is paramount that children continue to access their current supports for continuity of care, have access to additional supports as required and it is of absolute importance that they be able to remain at their current schools with their familiar safe & supportive networks

OPG/LTG was to provide an avenue for children within stable placements to EXIT the system. 

It seems that preserving the budget now takes precedence over long term stability and outcomes for children.

NO OPG/LTG equals more children remaining in state care at a higher $ cost to the department than supporting LTG.  .

Guardians shouldn't be financially disadvantaged by LTG
All children should have the opportunity to have LTG and it shouldn't be reliant on their carers financial status.

We ask that this matter is prioritized as a matter of urgency and that child focus and best outcomes are at the forefront of all discussions and decisions.