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A plea to the Dail: Rethink the relocation of the Seanad in the NMI Education Rooms

The Seanad have suggested taking over the exhibition rooms of the National Museum of Ireland, albeit on a temporary basis, to use as parliamentary chambers. These rooms are currently used for free public lectures and as education spaces for schools, colleges and universities. As such, these areas are vital for the dissemination of knowledge to the general public, and as places where the museums staff get to interact directly with the public, reinforcing that the museum is the heartbeat of Irish heritage. Students from primary to PhD utilise these areas, and there is a real concern that eroding the shared spaces of public and Museum staff will result in downsizing of the museum, as well seriously diminishing exhibitions and education projects which ALL benefit from. The National Museum of Ireland is a world class heritage resource, which is used by researchers , public and professionals alike, Respectfully, we ask that this take over is reconsidered to more suitable space for all involved.

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  • Minister for Arts and Heritage, Heather Humphries
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