Say NO to the closure of our Agricultural Schools in Queensland.

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Such a sad time for future generations following the announcement of the imminent closure of the Longreach and Emerald Ag Colleges. Our government has complete disregard for our future, as consumers I don't understand why they would jeopardize such a huge industry by eliminating one of the main pathways for young people to have a career/future in agriculture. As a country we are struggling through one of the most devastating droughts on record, and right now we need all the help we can get. With the closure of  these programs the government is only creating detrimental long term affects. Yes there is university level training but not everyone has the means and ways to complete a course like that. The Agricultural Industry will suffer if there is only industry level training rather than skill based training. These courses where a popular alternative because of there hands on approach to learning and practical skills.  These colleges and the students there are the life cord of our Agricultural Industry, time to stand and say NO.