Open Schools In Ontario For In Person Learning No Later Than January 11

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Open Schools In Ontario For In Person Learning No Later Than January 11


My name is Bronwen Alsop and I am the founder of Opening Schools Full Time Safely.  We are very displeased by your decision to switch to remote learning from January 4-8 for elementary and January 4-21 for secondary students.

By making this decision you have opened doors for families to not follow rules and have large family gatherings which has put everyone at more risk.

Schools should always be considered an essential service and closing schools for an extended period of time causes long term damage from a health, safety, education and mental health perspective which will open doors for a rapid spread of the virus. Schools are much safer than allowing families extra weeks off to break rules and not abide by guidelines.

This decision is inflicting long term damage on our children and their development.

Schools need to remain open at all times and they should always be the last on the list to ever close. Schools which have had low numbers all year should not be shut down.

We know you have been under tremendous unnecessary pressures from boards to allow an extended holiday and we are appalled you have chosen to cave. The spread of the virus is not happening within schools and being brought in from the community. Premier Ford clearly stated this himself and you still all chose to ignore this fact to play politics with our children. I ask you to stop playing politics with our children immediately and stop caving when school boards request drastic unnecessary measures that are not based by scientific research. If you do not open schools on January 11 we will be present again at Queens Park to peacefully protest to ensure our children’s education and development is again not ignored when making your rash political decisions.

You are damaging our careers as parents. Many parents cannot stop working or afford childcare outside of school. Many families can’t afford to put food on the table and school is the only source for a child to eat daily. Many parents work outside of the home like myself as an essential worker and can’t be home with our children guiding them through remote learning. Many single parents living on one source of income cannot survive with remote learning and it will damage their sole source of income.

Not all children are safe and home. Children suffering from child abuse within their home are not safe and school is their outlet for safety away from the abuse. I speak for all children who are suffering from child abuse who have no voices and ask you to please always remember that school is imperative for education but also safety from child abuse.

Keeping schools open will keep us safer. Closing schools is opening doors for a huge spike in cases that you will regret with people being careless and not following guidelines.

We support closing specific schools in areas where there is a large community spread.

Please stop playing politics with our children and only follow medical professionals advice. We are a union of parents standing up for our children’s rights.


Bronwen Alsop

Founder of Opening Schools Full Time Safely