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Minister McCallum and Minister Goodale, cancel the deportation of Fliss and Debra!

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Fliss (pictured in her hospital bed above) and Debra have lived in Canada since they were children. They have been stripped of their Canadian resident status and are now in danger of being deported to countries that they do not remember.

We are a group of concerned citizens comprised of members of the Halifax Branch of the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF Halifax)( the Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton ( )and legal counsel for the women affected. We see up close the devastation that the decision to deport has had on both Fliss and Debra.  Because of the complexity of the challenges that Debra and Fliss face, we also know that deportation will be a death sentence for them. Join your voices with ours in order to prevent this from happening.

Both Fliss and Debra came to Canada when they were just eight years old. Both women suffered different but equally horrific abuse as children. The abuse that they suffered has led to lifelong vulnerabilities. Both women spent time in the Canadian foster care system. Neither woman knew that they were not Canadian citizens until they became entangled in the criminal system as adults. It was then that they discovered that they were permanent residents and were not entitled to the same rights as other Canadians. It is a shameful truth that no adults in their lives had sought citizenship on their behalf while they were under state care. 

Both Fliss and Debra have been convicted of crimes and have served their time in a Canadian jail as punishment. Because of their convictions, they fall within the criminality provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and have both been deemed inadmissible to Canada. This means that they have both lost their status in Canada. They are now foreign nationals with no access to an appeal and more critically, no provincial health care coverage.

We maintain that the state made a grievous mistake in not seeking citizenship for these women and thus hold the responsibility for rectifying that mistake now. 

Fliss has very recently undergone emergency surgery for a perforated colon and several subsequent surgeries due to complications. Doctors have recommended an eighteen month healing time but Canada Border Services has made recommendations that she be deported in less than two months from now!

 A fundraising campaign to help raise money for her medical care has been started. To contribute to this campaign, go to:

It is time to take the necessary steps to save the lives of both Fliss and Debra. 

We are appealing to Minister McCallum and Minister Goodale to cancel the deportations of both women. Join your voice with ours to act in solidarity with and to protect both Fliss and Debra. Let them know that our Canada takes care of the people that it has sheltered since childhood. 

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