Vaccinations should be mandatory to attend public school!

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Currently, Alberta does not meet the required percentage of people vaccinated to have Herd Immunity.  Because of this, we have now seen diseases that were eradicated from Alberta such as Diptheria, Measles and Mumps. For children who are immuno-compromised or can not receive vaccines for other reasons, they are at risk.  Even children who do not fall under these categories and are "healthy" can come across complications with these diseases. 

All children that attend public school should be vaccinated. All children should have a right to be safe when attending school and not have to worry about diseases that are preventable with vaccinations.

My son had a heart transplant. He can never have any live vaccines. He will face many complications throughout his life now because of this. He is immuno suppressed, so when he gets sick, it will hit him harder than other kids because his immune system is lower.  Because of the medications he is on, he will be more prone to things like kidney failure, coronary artery disease and cancer.  By the time he is old enough to go to school, he should not have to worry about these diseases that could kill him. He has enough to worry about. 

Lets make it mandatory that if children want to attend public school, they need to have their vaccines up to date. If they don't, they are literally putting other children's lives at risk.