Save the cars and stop the waste!

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The policy of Irish insurance companies of not quoting, or not providing a competitive quote, on cars over ten years old is having a devastating impact, on the independent automotive aftermarket in Ireland. We have launched a campaign aimed at ending this unfair, unjust and nonsensical practice.

Thousands of sound, clean, low emission vehicles are being scrapped, making a mockery of the NCT system because they can no longer be economically insured. Because of this, many car owners have found their vehicle’s value has been slashed. Large swaths of Irish drivers are effectively being excluded from the roads and many people’s rural mobility and independence are under threat.

The practice is now causing garage closures and job losses in other supporting businesses and often means a vital amenity is taken away from a local community.

Let’s get common sense restored, save these cars, save jobs and save motorists money!