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Dear Honarable Minister.
The Honourable Ahmed D. Hussen MP
365 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 1L1

Telephone: 613-954-1064
Fax: 613-952-5533

An important matter is being brought to your attention to further investigate, verify and take appropriate action as you may deem necessary. The matter concerns Indian students migrating under a guise of entering under student visa while ending up working with or without work visa. Or marrying under contract marriages or marrying Canadian citizens only later to divorce and sponsor their girlfriend to migrate to Canada. These schemes are coached by travel & immigration visa agents in India. Some points to consider;

1. Canadian Gov't. has been generous and compassionate to allow international students to come to Canada for higher studies on Student visa program.

2. Majority of Indian students arriving on student visa are coached by Travel agents in India that this is a easier method to permanently migrate to Canada bypassing the normal protocols. The news in India often highlights corrupt officials and travel agents caught in these scams.

Australia, New Zealand and UK have been deporting students arriving under the pretence of studying but found working illegally. Organized rackets advertising even contract marriages in India are selling false dreams to the students. See below.

In UK more than 30 fake UK universities have been shut down in the past year as concern grows about students being mis-sold fraudulent degrees. University watchdog the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (Hedd), which monitors fake degrees, identified a total of 62 bogus institutions in the past year. So far, 32 have been closed by law enforcement and trading standards agencies, and 30 investigations are still in progress. Of the 32 fake institutions closed, 25 were based overseas, according to Jayne Rowley, director of Hedd. The agency is advising another four institutions, which are legitimate businesses, to make clear to prospective students that they cannot award UK degrees.(Source The Guardian UK).

3. The Indian students recently broke out in a brawl equivalent to domestic terrorism in Brampton Canada. The students are seen on YouTube videos carrying 2x4 wooden beams, hockey sticks, machetti's and brutally beating up people next to a Tim Horton where law abiding Citizens are arriving and leaving after having a cup of coffee. Apparently this was over a female issue that led to planned attacks as they came prepared with objects that could fatally cause injury. Some times these brawls are because some one parked a car in a spot where a student parks his car every evening in a public parking lot me next to Tim Horton. These outlandish temperament tantrums and disregard for law indicates irresponsible attitude. This display of lawlessness is not acceptable where the public at large is terrorized by these ill behaving students who carry out gangster like acts as frequently done in Indian Universities or indian public places.

4. After arriving in Canada these students pile up illegally in rented basements thus influencing local residents by offering rent money to have them agree to rent unapproved rental property. The fact there are so many crammed in small spaces, it could create a fire escape safety hazard as evacuation in emergency could be jeopardized. The corrupt mentality to coerce local citizens to rent them their basements illegally proves that they are spreading the cancerous habits and destroying the fabric of Canadian Society.

5. It is common knowledge in Brampton Ontario that there are students working illegally driving Courier vans or trucks. The local Indian Businessmen manipulate and take advantage of students by hiring them on cash basis and paying them substandard pay. If these students really wanted to further their academic status then why would they be practicing the obvious non compliance acts to the stipulated guidelines and limitations of Student visa rules. I heard in one event a student was driving a van without a Canadian driver license. RCMP or local police should spot check drivers of Brampton small and medium business drivers.

6. Sixteen members of a youth ice hockey team, the Humboldt Broncos, had died and 13 others were injured when their bus collided with a truck driven by Sidhu. The accident set off days of nationwide mourning, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attending the memorial service for the dead. A 29-year-old Indo-Canadian truck driver, Jaskirat Sidhu, was arrested and charged in one of the most widely covered news events in Canada this year. He was a student in India from 2008 to 2012. A revised process needs to be considered for young men who have never driven a car on winter icy roads and if they should be allowed to drive fully loaded big rig 18 wheeler trucks without needed experience for type of roads and condition. The Immigrants who have only driven in tropical climate should display minimum 5 years good track driving record of light weight commercial vehicles such as taxis or courier vans before even being considered to drive heavy trucks.

Here is an example of a young Indian man driving a big rig with a girl on his lap while driving on the highway and openly displaying it on youtube. Is this acceptable and responsible behaviour.

7. The students must be forced to return back to its country once the visa and studies are completed. If they wish to migrate to Canada then they should apply in normal manner and get considered on basis of merit system and individual credential, qualification and get in queue. Watch Indians boarding a train or airplane, they do not respect queue system as they have been raised in an environment where discipline does not exist, thus they prefer to take short cuts and are spending fair amount of money to enter Canada PR via student visa program. Some end up selling ancestral agricultural land to pay up the agents which they have to recover by working illegally after landing in Canada.

In general all immigrants should also undergo certain number of hour program over a period of six month mandatory integration, assimilation program whereby the knowledge of local laws, common courtesy and manners are discussed in training program and progress monitored. They need to understand What may be acceptable in India may not be acceptable and even criminal in Canada, like bribery to Police, raping girls or children which is openly practiced in India. They should understand the extent of consequences.

All students on fraudulent visa or students not studying but confirmed working should be deported and harshest sentence given to those who act out in terrorizing manner and disturb the peace in public places and then deported after serving a sentence in Canada. A stern directive should bring discipline to those who will understand the need to behave like a guest in a Host environment as one is expected to do so. The Indian Brampton community is ashamed of these occurrences (evidenced in YouTube videos), radio, TV shows and specially those long standing Citizens who migrated here legally and worked hard to earn a name, reputation in the Community.

Thank you.





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