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Kristina Nagy
Toronto, Canada

Jun 28, 2014 — Dear Signers of the Pusuma Petition,
Thank you for being one of over 43,000 people who have so far signed the petition to allow the Pusuma family to live freely in Canada. We need your help to push this campaign further, by making a video, taking a photo, or calling the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.
Jozsef , Timea, and their 6 year old daughter Lulu went into Sanctuary in a church in Toronto to avoid deportation to Hungary, the country where they were violently attacked and received death threats. Their refugee claim was rejected after the lawyer that represented them failed to submit vital evidence in their case or even appear at their hearing. That lawyer is now in disciplinary proceedings before the Law Society. We don’t know how long these proceedings will take, but we do know that the family desperately needs to be able to go outside, and live like a normal family.
The Pusuma family has now been in Sanctuary for 30 months, they continue to wait for Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, to grant them Temporary Resident Permits, so that they can live freely while proceedings at the Law Society continue.
We need your help to keep this family’s case at the front of Minister Alexander’s mind. Here’s how you can help:
- Go Outside for Lulu
Since Lulu can’t go outside to play or go to school, we’re asking kids (and adults!) across Canada to Go Outside for Lulu. You can do this on your own, with your family, or with your community.
Check out our video on How to Go Outside for Lulu:
Make a t-shirt or a sign with ‘Free Lulu’ on it, go outdoors to a garden or park, and record your own video message to Minister Alexander. If you can’t make a video, you could take a photo. Send it to and we’ll send it on to the Minister, and also post it on
Call Minister Alexander: You can call the office of Minister Alexander, call 1-866-599-4999 for free and ask to be transferred to Minister Alexander’s office.

I encourage you to speak from the heart, but if you want inspiration you could say:

- “My name is ______, and I’m calling to ask Minister Alexander to grant Temporary Residence Permits to the Pusuma family. They were denied a fair hearing of their refugee claim, and should not be punished for the misconduct of their lawyer. This is a question of fairness. They must be able to live freely in Canada while their complaint continues to be heard. I would like a record to be made of my call.”
On May 23rd we rallied outside Minister Alexander’s office in Ajax and delivered the petition you signed to the Minister’s office, the media has a continued interest in this story and the family have been featured by CBC ‘The Current’, Al Jazeera, City TV and others. An open letter signed by 25 prominent religious leaders was printed in this week’s ‘Embassy’ magazine. We continue to receive drawings and letters for Lulu, and are posting these at We have more hope than ever that this situation can be resolved, and that this family will be free in Canada, if we can keep up the momentum we have so far.

Thank you for supporting the Pusuma family.

Kristina Nagy


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