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Petitioning Minister of Education - Minister of Child and Youth Services Hon. Laurel C. Broten and 5 others

Minister Broten what are you doing to Mental Health Services for Children and Youth in need to STOP and RETHINK, its not too late....

Our son is a "Hard to Serve Client". He currently attends Thistletown in Toronto, the Ontario Government is closing this Facility . Our son has been to both Thistletown and CPRI (in London).  Thistletown and CPRI are the last stop in the system you can only access the services if you have exhausted everything else in your community.  .

 We are told that the transition will be seamless and that all the services offered at Thistletown will be downloaded to the community?  I don't know why you would take all this expertise and spread it around.  It's like being sent to a small community hospital when you need the expertise and servies of Sick Kids.

At CPRI our son attened a Residential Program, had a very indepth assessment, went to school in a Section 23 Classrooom and had much needed therapy every day.   He was there almost 4 months.

Now our son attends a Day Program called MERGE at Thistletown.  This is a very special classroom where they receive 1/2 day academics and 1/2 therapy.  This is the first time in 10 years that I have heard my son is a PLEASURE to have in the class and guess what he is attending school every day, is being managed and is happy!

Our son has exhausted every resource in our community and through our school board.  He has been in a regular classroom withsupport of an EA, out of the classroom with the support of an EA, on his own in a small room in the Office with an EA, a behaviour classroom, a Section 23 Classroom called DANO, a small specialized program called LEAP and then homeschooled with 3 hours of teacher instruction a week from the Board, he has an IEP, ICMP, he is identified, we have had 24 in home care to keep us safe.

I know it is hard to support something that does not impact your family. But we need to advocate for these children snd youth that are not able to advocate for themselves due to physical/mental/intellectual disability.  We live in Canada and all Canadians should be treated with Respect and Dignity. We have a HUGH Systems problem and before we close a vital resource, the process needs to be looked at more closely and the decision rethought.

I recently heard from a good friend that Canada House in Hamilton run by Woodview Children's Centre another Residential Setting for Male Youth is closing.  What is going to happen to these kids.....they are our next generation.

Letter to
Minister of Education - Minister of Child and Youth Services Hon. Laurel C. Broten
Provincial Advocate - The Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Irwin Elman
Attorney General Hon. John Gerresten
and 3 others
Deputy Premier Hon. Dwight Duncan
Chair of the Cabinet Hon. Rick Bartolucci
Minister of Government Services Hon. Harinder S. Takhar
As a parent of a Child at Thistltown I would like to know what the Governments Plan is. It appears that our plea's to Save Thistletown and the Valuable Service's they provide have been ignored. Thistletown is the last stop in the system, Thistletown services families that cannot be serviced in their own Region. Downloading the Services to the community will not work, it has not worked in the past and we have tried this solution time and time again . These children are the hardest to serve and place. Why change something that is working. Please consider a review of this decision.

I also heard that Canada House in Hamilton is being closed, what are your plans???

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