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Peter Dutton - Stop Jeffrey Ventrella Peddling Hate

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Letter to:

Immigration Minister of Australia: The Hon. Peter Dutton

Prime Minister of Australia: The Hon. Malcolm Turnbull


Australia says NO to Jeffrey J. Ventrella and his teachings of hatred against the LGBTIQ+ community.

Please consider acting as you and other Immigration Ministers have done when individuals promoting violence and hatred have attempted to enter Australia, and revoke Mr Ventrella’s visa. 

Jeffrey Ventrella is a senior member of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an international legal organization which is known for defending anti-gay business owners who refuse to comply with nondiscrimination laws, and for promotion of laws that criminalise gay sex.  The ADF have been active in countries such as Jamaica, Belize and India providing advice, legal assistance and strategy in favour of laws that criminalise gay sex (Maza, 2014).  This organization aggressively supports imprisoning gay people for having sex.  Their work is fanning the flames of gay hatred around the world (Southern Law Poverty Center, 2013).  In 2012, Ventrella argued that the US government should divert funds from LGBTIQ+ health programs, in order to spend government funds on “conversion therapy” – the practice of convincing people to attempt to change their sexuality (Mitchell & Chalmers, 2016)

Australia is currently in the throes of debate around marriage equality.  In the process of that, we are already seeing examples of increased hate crimes against LGBTIQ+ people – such as the bashing of Isaac Keating in Newtown on Sunday (Akerton, 2016). Surely we don't need to import people promoting bigotry and homophobia?

Australia, like many other nations, requires that visitors are of good character, as outlined in the policies of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.  In making a determination on whether a person is fit for entry into the country, the Department applies a character test which ultimately decides whether or not a person is granted a visa to enter Australia.

 Jeffrey Ventrella presents a real risk to Australia, a risk that he will ‘vilify a section of the Australian community’ and/or ‘incite discord in the Australian community or in a part of it’(Department of Immigration and Border Protection, n.d.).  We ask that you determine that Jeffrey J Ventrella is a person who does not meet the requirements of the character assessment, and revoke his visa approval. 


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