Minister Dr Blade Nzimande's "fix" for traffic fails flawed: Better laws needed

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I want to become a little motivational, slightly activistic, and I am already considerably concerned.

I should like to invite you to read a letter I wrote to the Minister of Transport, Dr Blade Nzimande on the News24 public participation area:

It's basically saying 
that the law enforcement on our roads is a joke; 
that applying 15 year jail term for traffic infringements is not going to reduce law abiding drivers' accident rates;
that the illegal every-day driving by the majority of the taxis on our road is creating chaos;
that more people disrespect the laws as no one in authority seems to be able to reduce or eliminate the lawless behaviour.

I wrote this piece on 17 April 2018. 
On 18 April, in the morning, I read about Western Cape Police having issued 43 000 fines, just to taxis, in the first 3 months of 2018, impounded the taxis only to have them released the next day...
On 18 April, in the afternoon I read that Australia is warning Australians not to use mini-taxis because of safety and security considerations.

I encourage you to add your voice calling for curtailment of the illegal operations disguised as legitimate businesses transporting the public.
How many times have you not heard that an accident involved a taxi?
How many people have been murdered in Taxi wars, fighting over lucrative taxi routes?
Try find an official report releasing statistics of accidents mentioning a breakdown of vehicle type. Not one.

Minister Dr Blade Nzimande wants to start jailing legitimate drivers, from the first offence, while illegitimate drivers break the law frequently. Reminds you of the firearm licence crack-down? Armed robbery statistics drop? No, but there was a moratorium on crime statistics.

We need better laws and implementation of existing laws to control the scourge of repeat offenders, unroadworthy public transport and help SA reduce deaths on the road.

If the Western Cape traffic officers impounded the same vehicles over and over, then this is not effective as a deterrent. The reporting done on accidents needs to be published, analysed and corrective measures applied to the laws:
Destroy vehicles impounded the second time.

If Taxi operators flout the law, get fined, then fine the organisation they belong to.
The routes are fiercely guarded, very valuable as income streams. If an organisation blatantly flouts the rules, remove the right to ply the route.

Find the right remedial action, get the data required to support decision making: Reporting on traffic violations by STATSSA, etc. is woefully inadequate. 
Publish the reports publicly and make these the basis for awards, or other incentives.

*Lets work together to get our roads sorted!*