If the Commissioner can’t identify systemic racism in the RCMP, then she can’t lead it.

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I have just started this petition to hold the RCMP accountable to address systemic racism in Canada.

As an Indigenous mother witnessing on-going brutality, killings, and injustice committed by police on Indigenous and Black youth, women, men, People of Colour, and 2 Spirits (LGBTQ) I absolutely know we need system change and now is the moment!

This past month I was extremely flabbergasted and disappointed to learn that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki does not know what systemic racism is. At first she denied that it exists in the Force and when asked to give an example of systemic racism she replied that it relates to a physical test that requires officers to broad jump 6ft which isn't fair to some cultures. (sadly this not a joke).

If the Commissioner can’t identify systemic racism in the RCMP, then she can’t lead it!

I’m asking my friends who support this call to sign the petition and share with their networks. We so far have close to 3000 signatures. I will continue to push this petition forward until Commissioner Brenda Lucki either resigns or is fired.

This is because Indigenous and People of Colour will continue to be brutalized or die at the hands of the RCMP until she is replaced by someone with the capacity to address these vital issues in the Force.

Bill Blair Minister of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness and Prime Minister Justine Trudeau have the power to make this system change now and demonstrate to Canadians that Canada takes systemic racism in the RCMP seriously. Especially in the light if the Missing and murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Report which brings light to the impacts of systemic racism. Clearly Lucki hasn't bothered to read it.

It's time for the RCMP to be accountable and address systemic racism now! It's time for Commissioner Brenda Lucki to resign or be fired now!

I am inviting you to join me and voice that we can no longer accept the on-going violence committed by RCMP against Indigenous and Black youth, women, men and People of Colour- we must work together now to change the system.  

Sen. Lillian Dyck said Brenda Lucki has shown recently she does not fully understand systemic racism or have the knowledge and skills be the country’s top policewoman. (Huff Post)

NDP MP Charlie Angus said he was not reassured about whether Commissioner Lucki understands the urgency of addressing systemic racism within her force.“It is not about changing the obstacle course for new recruits,” he said. “It is about dealing with very elevated levels of violence faced by Indigenous peoples at the hands of the RCMP and being able to explain that and explain how you’re going to demilitarize or de-escalate.”

Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler, whose organization represents 49 of Ontario’s First Nation communities, said Public Safety Minister Bill Blair needs to fire Commissioner Lucki, adding her comments to the Commons committee were “nonsense.”

“If she can’t identify systemic racism within the RCMP, then she can’t lead it,” he said, adding she has had ample time to learn about it, including after she spoke to the national public inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. (Globe and Mail)

Recently such violence was perpetrated by police against Chief Allan Adam, and Rodney Levi. On June 3, a video surfaced showing an RCMP officer knocking over an Inuk man with the door of a police truck in Nunavut. The next day, Chantel Moore, an Indigenous mother, was shot and killed by New Brunswick police during a wellness check.

“That’s the tip of the iceberg,” said Aluki Kotierk, president of Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the organization that represents the territory’s Inuit. For every case of alleged police misconduct that’s caught on video or reported in the news, she said she hears of several more. And mistrust of the RCMP — a force created to control Indigenous people — runs deep in those communities.

Mounties forced Indigenous people, including Inuit, onto reserves, and removed Indigenous children from their homes to send them to residential schools. They slaughtered thousands of sled dogs in an attempt to destroy Inuit’s way of life, and then denied it for decades. (Huff Post)

If Commissioner Brenda Lucki doesn't understand what systemic racism is and refuses to even try to understand she should immediately resign of be fired. 

Here's a link to the video in which Brenda Lucki gives an obstacle course as an example systemic racism.

Chi Miigwetch/Big Thanks for your support!