Amendment in Child Protection act (POCSO Act) to include Death Penalty and quick Justice.

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As a Parent of a small child, when we hear news of rape and murder of somebody's daughter or son, the first feeling which comes in mind is how disgusting the person was who did this heinous crime. But after sometime we feel scared to even imagine if it happens with our kid. 

There are two questions which comes out of this issue. 

1. What do I do if something like this happens to my kid?

2. How do i avoid such situation?

I feel better we deal with second question so no parent or child has to deal with first question. To do this we need to give more strength to our kids and make the criminal or any person even thinking @ it, feel so petrified that he or she don't even think @ it in his or her dream.

I was going thru  POSCO (The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act ) and the maximum punishment in it is 10 years imprisonment  which can be extended to life time. 

I am raising this petition in hope that our Government and Parliament will change the  maximum punishment to Death penalty and there is quick decision by fast track judiciary. 

Requesting you all to help and contribute by signing the petition to be sent to our Law Minister and Prime Minister, so that ours kid grow up in safe and secured environment.