Allow B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering students to do Masters at IIT for any specialisation

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As Mechatronics Engineering students we are trained to have knowledge on different verticals in Engineering. However, we are not allowed to take most of the specialisation due to "absence of degree name in Basic Qualifying Discipline" at IIT for doing Masters. 

We are trained to tackle Modern day machines. We are made to fulfil the place of a Mechanical, Electronics and Programmer at the same time. This saves a lot of resources for a company. However, we are not allowed to pursue Masters at IITs for specialising in our field of interest.

This results in us leaving our homeland to pursue our higher studies. Please allow us to take admission and don't discriminate us by our degree. We would also crack GATE exams to get us enrolled at the institution. But, please add our degree in Qualifying degree to pursue our dreams.