Canada must stop the deportation of an LGBTIQ+ Refugee from Uganda and Single mum Kaddu S

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Attention: People of Canada *URGENT*

Re: Deportation of LGBT refugee to Uganda

Kaddu S is a 30 years old and live in Edmonton, Alberta. She arrived in Canada in May 2014 as a refugee. She was recently served with a deportation order to leave Canada by April 24, 2018. This came after the judgement that was made on my Pre-removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) application. she came to Canada fleeing my country Uganda after experiencing numerous life threatening situations due to my sexual orientation. If she  go back she will face violence and persecution and Dealth penalty. Please listen to her story and help us to challenge this decision. Our lives depend on this.


I have submitted many documents as evidence in regards to my situation, but the judge chose to base their judgement on one factor, that is, 'identity'. Because I have a child and do not conform to heteronormative expectations my identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community is seen as invalid. The truth remains as I explained; I was helped to acquire some of the documents, those that I acquired myself I stated it clearly all the circumstances under which I obtained those documents.

I have a Canadian born three years old toddler, Keturah Katiiti, she’s my responsibility, I provide for her, she goes to school (daycare) here and soon will be in preschool, she is also under a healthy family programme (early intervention programme), she’s progressing and Canada is the only country she knows, She gets all her needs especially health care that she would not get anywhere else. She has no ties in Uganda whatsoever and the fact that she has a Canadian Passport, I will be forced to pay for her Ugandan Visa and renew it every time it expires during her stay in Uganda.

Schools in Uganda will not take her in as a national but rather as a foreigner, the costs of international students (pupils) are so high that I cannot afford, this will apply to health care too since she has no Ugandan identification. Keturah loves it here and has made many friends both at her school and outside school. I surely don’t know how I can make her settle in Uganda the life style she is not used too, we even don’t know what will follow next. Living in this fear mentally and physically affects me.

Life is really threatening in Uganda for people like me. I understand you have been viewing this on media outlets how people are being kidnapped and killed especially women, the fact that Mbuga has never given up on looking for me, when I land in his arms it will not be good news for me. He promised to take my life since he paid dowry in exchange of me. He vows to do anything to me has he takes me to be his property. There is not any way I can survive and I am sure in one way or the other you will be able to hear this after it has happened. I may not even go beyond airport before being detained since my name was circulated all over Uganda as a wanted LGBTQ member. I am a wanted person. The immigration officers at the Ugandan Airport are likely to detain me, where I will be imprisoned in the notorious prisons of Uganda (Nalufenya), a place where they do all sorts of cruel torture to prisoners and my child will be taken away from me.

I am afraid because going back to Uganda means that my rights will be violated. I will be discriminated against not only by my family but the community at large. I will be harassed and persecuted because of my sexuality. I have no family support when it comes to my sexual orientation in Uganda. The legal provisions that penalize homosexuals are still in place.

I will suffer the consequences as soon as someone recognizes me and outs me. My situation puts me in an objectively ascertainable hardship, a threat to my life because of the stigma associated with being a homosexual in Uganda.

I have been and still I am positively volunteering in community activities, I am actively involved with my home visitor practitioner every week from the health families at Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society. On several occasions I have participated in the activities organised at the center (Mothers’ Day crafts making and painting), attended and vendored at the Black history month in 2016, 2017 and 2018, I have attended and vendored at the Bent Arrow Multicultural day in 2016, 2017 and will attend on 13th April 2018. I have been on many picnics organised by both Bent Arrow and the Ugandan community and that has helped me to make many friends.

I have been volunteering in all activities organised by the Ugandan community and also vendored during the heritage days at the Ugandan pavilion.
I am an active member of the Pride center of Edmonton, I volunteer and positively participate in activities organised by the pride such as the collective kitchen, painting and drawing lesions, dancing, matching during the pride week of the year.

In terms of my financial support, in 2016, I registered a jewelry sole proprietorship business under the name of KATIITI JEWELLERS which I named after my daughter. This business is mainly specialising in hand-made jewelry, baskets, paper-recycled home decorations, bags, it supports my daughter and I. I am not on welfare. I have been in jewelry making quite a number of years before I came to Canada. But due to my immigration status I fail to access some services that can further my expansion.

Recently She was involved in a terrible car accident with my daughter when coming from St. Albert Farmer’s Market, and she's still undergoing treatments and she's on disability paid by the car insurance, doctors recommend that still need more treatments and check-ups. Doctors’ reports are available. In the event that she's forced to leave, we don’t know how her life is really going to be!

Please sign this petition and help to save our lives. In the name of humanity.

I thank you.

Yours truly,

Kaddu S and Adebayo Katiiti

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