Save Riverdale High School

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Riverdale High School has been serving English Montrealers since 1965. It is not simply a school, rather a pillar of our community. One that holds local sporting events, fundraisers and so much space in our hearts. 


Our Education Minister has arbitrarily decided to close Riverdale to accommodate an overflow of French students from the CSMB, despite having been offered other solutions. While we understand the fact that the French students need a space to learn, we do not feel that closing a well established institution that has been providing a quality education and environment for over 50 years, and relocating it's current students is the answer. There are many other solutions that would be beneficial to both the English and French school boards and their students.

Please help us show Mr. Roberge that this is not acceptable and does not reflect the community's values. Help us show him that as a community we want to find a collaborative, long term solution for all of our children, French and English alike