Add 10 Ball Mode To 8 Ball Pool

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I would like Miniclip to add 10 ball mode to 8 ball pool as it's one of the best forms of pool in the world. Now alot of people may just think it's 9 ball with one extra ball, but I'm telling you it's alot more than just that. If a 10 ball mode was added to 8 ball pool, it would force players wanting to play the new mode to learn how to play safety's as 10 ball is a call pocket game, which means you can't fluke. And I know that there is a call pocket mode for 9 ball, but most players prefer to play normal 9 ball mode as there is the chance of fluking if they get themselves in an awkward position. Also, call pocket is not how 9 ball is meant to be played anyway. Alot of people may disagree with this statement, but I personally believe that flukes are a big part of 9 ball not just in 8bp, but as a game in general because people enjoy seeing them go in and seeing how players deal with them. I think if a 10 ball mode was added, it would give more serious players a chance to enjoy themselves. I would even be fine with miniclip replacing call pocket 9 ball with 10 ball, although I doubt this would ever happen. Also, on the subject of 9 ball and 10 ball, why not add a push out option to 9 ball and 10 ball (if they released it) to stop players getting unlucky after the break? If you don't already know, a push out shot is a shot a player can choose to take on after the break, whether they broke or not. When a push out is called, almost any shot becomes legal, but even if you pot a ball from a push out your opponent comes to the table after you take the push out shot. The opponent can then choose whether they would like to play the shot or pass it back to you.

I hope that fellow 8 ball pool players can understand where I'm coming from, I really think that a 10 ball game mode would add a whole new layer to the game. Thank you for reading and I hope you agree with my arguments and join me in the battle to add 10 ball mode to 8 ball pool.