Mindvalley‘s next step - local Mindvalley Hubs - Participate now!

Mindvalley‘s next step - local Mindvalley Hubs - Participate now!

10. Juli 2022
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Kerstin Bachler or Anigma, Friedemann Jäger and Zehnder
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Warum ist diese Petition wichtig?

If you are deep interested into the work behind it check out this community vision paper: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11jPk6cLTHFCqAXKxTeGZcWUdbaR_PT5hB6m4ykJ8q3I/edit?usp=sharing

now imagine this:
The Mindvalley Hub is a community center in your neighborhood where you reunite with your MVU family.

Cook and eat together after a successful day at work and share your achievements, failures and learnings.

The hub has a space to speak. We as a tribe exchange our expertise to learn from each other.

Can you see the children running around and playing, while their parents sit together and do the superbrain quest?

Many Mindvalley members are following the same vision. 

No matter which age, degree, religion or culture.

✅ It will become your local recharge center where this higher vibration that Mindvalley is spreading becomes local and physical. Mindvalley hubs all over the world in every major city and beyond will be valuable not just for us as a family but also for humanity as our tribe. 

This is the future of education. 

We are facing major problems as humanity.

We need to bend education together and it starts now. Education needs change globally. We need conscious people and a physical space locally.

Can you see the Mindvalley hub in your city?

You are part of it.

Thank you for your voice.

There is a big story behind but let’s keep it short.

Raise your voice now with participating in this online petition! ✅ Are you ready to be part of the next step? Share it with your Mindvalley tribe. The goal is to pitch it with 500-600+ supporting voices in the background. 

If you are interested in the personal motivation behind the authors of this petition read this. 

Friedemann Jaeger: "I see myself as visionary action operater with a small super team to make sure this will become reality in my city. I will join the existing team of Mindvalley. I want to get at least 2 people joining the team with me if I can make it possible to raise 300+ voices. This is my serving for challenging the major problems that my generation will face. Many are not prepared by the regular education system."

Kerstin Bachler:

"I am aware that creating these spaces will have a fundamental impact on this world, to give people space to come together to create a new version of hope, connection and being.

I put my life into this project, as I am here to serve, guide and heal people on a higher level and to use my power of connection to spread the message to the world."


Zehnder: "I can see it. I can feel it. I bet you can do it too."


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  • Kerstin Bachler or Anigma, Friedemann Jäger and Zehnder